3rd Annual Big Hats & Bow Ties

May 5th marks our 3rd annual Kentucky Derby Party!  Come out and celebrate the derby and the dawn of spring here in northwest Ohio.  It’s a fun day and a great reason to break out that derby hat and big bow tie.  Ladies, put on your classy, spring attire and that great big hat.  This is the only excuse you need.  Guys, you do the same (minus the ladies hat of course!)

We will be serving up our famous Mint Julep’s all weekend and this year you can try the Oak’s Lily.  Both Derby favorites that you’re sure to love, I guarantee it!

To add to the experience, we will have Scott Duress bring his acoustic music to The Bourbon Affair at 5:00.  He’ll play until the race, take a little break to watch the pony’s and then he’ll be back at it afterwards until Zack Fletcher and Moth’s in the Attic take the stage at 9:00.

It will be a great day and fun for all so come out and experience the 3rd annual Big Hat’s & Bow Ties with your friends at The Bourbon Affair!

The more outlandish & over the top the outfit the better!  Prizes for the best derby attire!  Good luck!