New Craft Beers Available at The Bourbon Affair

We’re excited to announce our newest craft beer addition, Harviestoun beers!

Harviestoun Brewery is located in Scotland; with a passion for beer and a dedication to Scottish tradition, the brewery partnered with Highland Park in order to age their beers to perfection in used whiskey casks!




Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

“Old Engine Oil” has a 6% ABV and is considered a “Black Ale”, it’s very dark in color, bittersweet in taste and has a thick viscosity. Tasting notes include: dark chocolate, creamy coffee, and dark cherries.


Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12

“Old Dubh 12” has an 8% ABV, and is aged in old “Highland Park 12” single malt whisky casks for a 6-month maturation process. It’s back in color, and smells of smokey-sweet malts and roasted peat.



Harviestoun Ola Dubh 18


“Old Dubha 18” is another black ale, also aged in “Highland Park 18” single malt whisky barrels for 6 months. It’s got an 8% ABV, it’s dark in color and tastes reminiscent of whisky (oaky), with hints of coffee grounds, dark berries, vanilla and tobacco.