New Spirits at The Bourbon Affair – June

New to The Bourbon Affair for June:



If you like Scotch you’ve most likely stumbled across Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch by now! Our Scotch collection is ever-growing! Tasting notes include: bold smoke, seaweed, peat and a hint of sweetness.



Green Spot Irish whiskey uses a single copper pot to distill their whiskey which can be aged anywhere from 7-10 years. Tasting notes include: spice, cloves, green apple, and toasted oak.



Already a fan of Jameson? Then you’ll appreciate the rare Jameson 18 Limited Reserve Irish whiskey! This is currently the second oldest whiskey at The Bourbon Affair. Tasting notes include: oak, vanilla, spice, and toffee.


Baterhouse Bourbon

Orphan Barrel’s Barterhouse bourbon is now our oldest bourbon in house, being 20 years old. This whiskey is a smooth, mellow treat for your mouth. Tasting notes include: warm buttercream biscuits, spice, and brown sugar. This bourbon has quickly become one of our house favorites!

Forged Oak

Orphan Barrel’s Forged Oak whiskey is a slightly younger whiskey at 15 years. You’ll notice notes of seasoned wood, vanilla bean, cocoa, and young berries. Savor this treat because once it’s gone, IT’S GONE!


1792 Single Barrel1792 Single Barrel bourbon is bottled one-by-one using only the finest, hand selected barrels. Tasting notes include: butterscotch, caramel, and hints of fruit and toffee.


EH Taylor Seasoned Wood

E.H. Taylor #7 Seasoned Wood whiskey, distilled by Buffalo Trace Distillery, was made using staves that had been soaked in a “natural outdoor seasoning”, which pulls rich flavors from the wood during the distillation process. Tasting notes include: dried fruit, butterscotch, almond, citrus notes, and spicy clove.


Elmer T. Lee bourbonElmer T. Lee Single Barrel whiskey, also produced by the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, is named after Master Distiller, Emeritus Elmer T. Lee. This whiskey is hand-selected and bottled under Elmer’s high standards- perfectly balanced and rich. Tasting notes include: clove, vanilla, old leather, fruit, and honey.