Cocktail Menu

signature cocktails

Century Shandy

Paying homage to our brethren at the top-rated
Century Bourbon House in Dayton, Ohio, the Century Shandy
is artfully crafted with Old Forester Bourbon
and our house-made ginger syrup.


A top choice for the Rye Whiskey enthusiast
featuring Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Carpano sweet vermouth,
and an Italian Luxardo cherry.  We now feature our Manhattans barrel aged!

Old Fashioned

Enjoy this timeless classic prepared with specially selected
Old Grand Dad Bonded Bourbon.


Featuring the robustness of Bulleit Rye Whiskey,
Peychaud’s Bitters and a dash of absinthe,
this classic will be sure to warm the soul.


One of our most popular cocktails, enjoy a Whiskey, Cherry or Amaretto Sour made the old fashioned way. Our sour’s are made with egg whites for the classic cocktail look and taste you’re sure to enjoy!   Substitute any Bird Dog flavored whiskey and make it a fruit-flavored sour!

Moscow or Kentucky Mule

This classic cocktail has Vodka, Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger
beer and fresh, hand-squeezed lime juice topped with a lime.
Swap Bourbon for Vodka to create a Kentucky Mule!

Luke’s Bourbon-N-Smoke

Head bartender Luke crafted this instant classic with Old Forester Bourbon, black walnut bitters, a dash of brown sugar & lotsa smoke!

Buckeye Blitz

Here at the Bourbon Affair, we love the Buckeyes!  To show our
fondness for THE Ohio State University, we created this gem.  We
blend Red Stagg Black Cherry whiskey with grenadine and Sprite
then finish with a real Luxardo Italian cherry and serve it over ice.
We think it’
s worthy of a National Championship!


The Bourbon Affair Martini is served with Tito’s Vodka or one of our boutique vodka’s or gin’s. Asked about our blue cheese stuffed olives.

Irish Scout

Holy thin mint cookie! This gem starts with Bird Dog Chocolate whiskey,
Creme de menthe, vanilla, house made simple syrup, heavy cream and a
drizzle of chocolate syrup on top.

Berry Delight

Bird Dog Blackberry gets married to house made simple syrup, Sprite and
We think Al Capone’s girls thought this one up!

Perry’s Affair

Are you kidding me?! Bird Dog Peach and Blackberry whiskey have an
affair with house made simple syrup and Sprite. Lucky Perry!

Chocolate-Covered Cherry

Who doesn’t like these babies? Bird Dog Chocolate whiskey gets entwined
with DiSaronno amaretto then finished with a real Luxardo Italian cherry. Heaven in a glass!


Blend our vodka with fresh squeezed lime juice, Cointreau and Cranberry
juice and you get The Bourbon Affair’s version of this classic Cosmo.

Lynchburg Lemonade

Bootlegged from the Tennessee hills, we combine Jack Daniels whiskey with Cointreau and lemon and lime to create a cocktail so refreshing it should be illegal! 


We use OYO Vanilla Bean vodka out of Columbus, Ohio and combine it with simple syrup and Sprite to craft this irresistibly-sweet cocktail!

Rusty Nail

This classic Scotch favorite uses Monkey Shoulder and Drambuie, and will leave a honey-finish and the sweet note of citrus on your tongue while you anticipate your next cocktail!

Cary Grant

Served in a martini glass, this mix of Crown Royal, Disarono, Sweet Vermouth has all the class of this famous movie star.


And many more that you will find on our ever changing Cocktail menu!  Our seasonal cocktail menu is one that will keep you guessing so stop by to check it out!